international conference on Innovative Trends in Energy

Hammamet-Tunisia. May 10-12, 2018

Introduce ITE'18

The 2018 international conference on Innovative Trends in Energy (ITE'18) provides a forum for researchers, academicians, scientists and industrial professionals around the world on recent developments in the fields of Innovative Trends in Energy.

The conference consists of keynotes, oral sessions and poster presentations.

Considered as a catalyst for research works, the ITE'18 publishes the best presented papers in partner journals.

Authors from academia as well as industry working within the scope of the conference subjects are invited to submit their papers.

Submissions will be peer reviewed by our International Program Committee on the basis of full manuscripts.

Acceptance will be based on quality, originality and relevance.

Contributions should be original and not published elsewhere or submitted for publication during the review period.

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Main topics

Renewable Energy


Chemical Engineering

Nuclear Energy


Full paper submission February 28, 2018

Full paper evaluation notification March 15, 2018

Full paper camera ready submission March 31, 2018

Full paper author registration April 15, 2018


Honorary Chair
Pr. Hassani Messoud, ENIM, University Of Monastir, Tunisia
Pr. Germain Garcia, LAAS/CNRS, France
General Chairs
Pr. Ahmad Taher Azar, Faculty of Computers and Information, Benha University, Egypt
Pr. Souad Chebbi, LaTICE - ENSIT, Tunisia
Pr. Said Drid, University Batna2, Algeria
Program Committee Chairs
Hassan Mekki, University of Sousse, Tunisia

Chakib Ben Njima, University of Sousse, Tunisia

Abdelkader Chaari, University of Tunis, Tunisia

Adel Khedher, University of Sousse, Tunisia
Publicaion Chairs
Lasaad Sbita, University of Gabes, Tunisia

Anis Khouaja, University of Sousse, Tunisia

Mahir Dursan, University of Gazi, Turkey

Chokri Souani, University of Sousse, Tunisia
Publicity Chairs
Anouar Benamor, University of Monastir, Tunisia

Moez Soltani, University of Tunis, Tunisia

Bessem Elouaer, ATTeDD, Tunisia

Atef Jedidi, EPI, Tunisia

Driss El Ouadghiri, Faculty of Sciences, Moulay Ismail University, Meknès, Morocco

Ezgui Guney, University of Gazi, Turkey
Local Arrangement Chair
Chakib Ben Njima, University of Sousse, Tunisia
Organizing Committee
Anis Khouaja, University of Sousse, Tunisia

Walid Ben Mabrouk, University of Sousse, Tunisia

Moez Soltani, University of Tunis, Tunisia

Anouar Benamor, University of Monastir, Tunisia

Bessem Elouaer, ATTeDD, Tunisia

Tarek Garna , University of Sousse, Tunisia

Abdesslem Jbara , University of Sousse, Tunisia
International Programm Committee

Abdel Aitouche, France

Andrew Kusiak, USA

Aawatif Hayar, Morocco

Abdelali Tajmouati, Morocco

Abdelaziz Hamzaoui, France

Abderrahman Zaafouri, Tunisia

Aboul Ella Hassanien, Egypte

Abdelghani Ben Tahar, Morocco

Abdelhakim Boudhir Anouar, Morocco

Abdelkader Chaari, Tunisia

Abdellah Ezzati, Morocco

Abdelhakim Boudhir Anouar, Morocco

Adel M. Alimi, Tunisia

Abdellah Jamali, Morocco

Abdellah Najid, Morocco

Abdellah Touhafi, Belgium

Abdellah Zaaloul, Morocco

Abdellatif Kobbane, Morocco

Aymen Ben Hammadi, Tunisia

Abdelmajid Hajami, Morocco

Abdelouahed Tajer, Morocco

Abdellah Kouzou, Algeria

Abderrahim Beni Hsane, Morocco

Abderrahim Marzouk, Morocco

Adnane Latif, Morocco

Ahlame Begdouri, Morocco

Atef Jedidi, Tunisia

Ahmed El Kiram, Morocco

Ahmed Jaballi, Tunisia

Ahmed Errkik, Morocco

Amine Ben Makhlouf, Morocco

Amine Berqia, Morocco

Anas Abou El Kalam, Morocco

Ahmad Taher Azar, Egypt

Anis Sellami, Tunisia

Anis Khouaja, Tunisia

Anas Hraiech, Tunisia

Amer R. Zerek, Libya

Anouar Benamor, Tunisia

Anissa Ben Aïcha, Tunisia

Ayman A. Aly, Egypt

Azeddine Bilami, Algeria

Adel Khedher, Tunisia

Atif Iqbal, Qatar

Ali Douik, Tunisia

Badreddine El Mohajir, Morocco

Bouchaib Nassereddine, Morocco

Brahim Ouhbi, Morocco

Choubeila Maaoui, France

Chokri Souani, Tunisia

Cherki Daoui, Morocco

Djamel Boukhetala, Algeria

Driss Bouzidi, Morocco

Driss El Ouadghiri, Morocco

Errachdi Ayachi, Tunisia

El Mamoun Souidi, Morocco

El Moukhtar Zemmouri, Morocco

Farhat Fnaiech, Tunisia

Faouzi Msahli, Tunisia

Fatma Lajmi, Tunisia

Fayçal Ben Hmida, Tunisia

Ezgi Guney, Turkey

Essaid Sabir, Morocco

Gurvinder Virk, Sweden

Gheith Ali Abandah, Jordan

Ghita Mezzour, Morocco

Ghizlane Orhanou, Morocco

Ghorbel Imen, Tunisia

Hanan El Faylali, Morocco

Haykel Marouani, Tunisia

Hassen Fourati, France

Hassen Mekki, Tunisia

Hassan Ayad, Morocco

Hacen Habbi, Algeria

Hedi Dhouibi, Tunisia

Hafssa Benaboud, Morocco

Hatem Garreb, Tunisia

Hajar Mousannif, Morocco

Hamadou Saliah-Hassane, Canada

Hanane Bakkali, Morocco

Hana Mosbahi, Tunisia

Hicham Behja, Morocco

Islam Boussaada, France

Ioannis Lambadaris, Canada

Jaafar Abouchabaka, Morocco

Jamal Zbitou, Morocco

Jalel Zrida, Tunisia

Jalel Ghabi, Tunisia

Jerome Harmand, France

Jihene Ben Alaya, Tunisia

Jun Yoneyama, Japan

Kamel Ben Othman, Tunisia

Kamel Besbes, Tunisia

Kais Bouzrara, Tunisia

Khaoula Hergli, Tunisia

Khalid El Yassini, Morocco

Khalil Drira, France

Khalid Zine Eddine, Morocco

Kenz Amhmed Bozed, Libya

Khaled Abu Khuloud, Italy

Layth Sliman, France

Luis Orozco Barbosa, Spain

Larbi Chrifi, France

Lassaad Sbita, Tunisia

Lotfi Nabli, Tunisia

Lotfi Bouslimi, Tunisia

Marouane EL Mabrouk, Morocco

Majda Mansouri, Tunisia

Mahir Dursun, Turkey

Marcos Tsuzuki, Brazil

Michel Zasadzinski, France

Mohamed Habib Kammoun, Tunisia

Mohamed Ali Khoidja, KSA

Mohamed Boutayeb, France

Mohamed Cherif Mebarek, Algeria

Mohamed Bahaj, Morocco

Mohamed Bakhouya, Morocco

Moez Soltani, Tunisia

Mohamed Ben El Aattar, Morocco

Mohamed El Kamili, Morocco

Mohamed El Koutbi, Morocco

Mohammed Chadli, France

Mohamed M. Elfituri, Libya

Moamar Sayed-Mouchaweh, France

Mostafa Belkasmi, Morocco

Mostafa Ezziyyani, Morocco

Mostafa Hefnawi, Canada

Mostapha Zbakh, Morocco

Murat Karakaya, Turkey

Mehrez Abdellaoui, Tunisia

Med Tarek Khadir, Algeria

Mounir Rifi, Morocco

Mustapha Belaissaoui, Morocco

Najoua Essokri Ben Amara, Tunisia

Najib Ben Nasr, KSA

Naoufal Raissouni, Morocco

Natheer Gharaibeh, Jordan

Nasr Eddine Debbache, Algeria

Nabil Laachfoubi, Morocco

Noreddine Gherabi, Morocco

Ounsa Roudies, Morocco

Nizar Rokbani, Tunisia

Nicolas Langlois, France

Noureddine Zerhouni, France

Qing-Long Han, Australia

Rachid El Azouzi, France

Rachid El Kouche, Morocco

Rachida Ajhoun, Morocco

Said Drid, Algeria

Said El Hajji, Morocco

Salah Saad, Algeria

Said El Kafhali, Morocco

Said Raghay, Morocco

Sehmi Saad, Tunisia

Safa Hraiech, Tunisia

Salma Gaou, Morocco

Slimane Mekaoui, Algeria

Sofiane Ahmedali, France

Sofia Douda, Morocco

Touafiq Gadi, Morocco

Tarek Garna, Tunisia

Tahar Bahi, Algeria

Youssef Balouki, Morocco

Youssef Zaz, Morocco

Zahi Jarir, Morocco

Zouhair Guenoun, Morocco

Zied Khlifa, Tunisia

Zaki Sari, Algeria

Zineb Simeu-Abazi, France


Prof. Adel Alimi, ENIS, University Of Sfax, Tunisia
Prof. Kamel Besbess , CRMN, Sousse, Tunisia
Prof. Said Drid , University Batna2, Algeria
Prof. Ahmad Taher Azar , Faculty of Computers and Information, Benha University, Egypt
Prof. Tarak Khadir , University of Badji Mokhtar, Annaba, Algeria


What is included in the ITE'18 registration:

Full registration includes: Access to all technical sessions, panel sessions, coffee breaks, and receptions. It also includes a copy of the conference proceedings.

Student registration includes: Access to all technical sessions, panel sessions, coffee breaks, and receptions. It also includes a copy of the conference proceedings.


  1. At least one REGISTRATION must be made by authors to have the paper in the proceedings.
  2. No more than one additional paper is allowed by one registration.
  3. Papers with no registration will not be included in the proceeding. Proceedings of the Conference will be published on CD-ROM through IEEE and electronically via IEEE Xplore.
  4. This payment mode is made at the latest by April 15th, 2018.
Before April 15th, 2018 After April 15th, 2018
Full registration for senior participants 420 EUR 470 EUR
Student registration 340 EUR 390 EUR
IEEE Member 360 EUR 410 EUR
Student Member, IEEE 290 EUR 340 EUR
Additional paper (max 1 paper) 180 EUR 180 EUR
Additional banquet ticket 60 EUR 60 EUR
For people from "Tunisia", a reduced registration fee will be applied.
Full registration for senior participants 640 TND 690 TND
Student registration 540 TND 590 TND
Registration for Industrial participants 940 TND 990 TND
Additional paper (max 1 paper) 250 TND 250 TND
Additional banquet ticket 60 TND 60 TND


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